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Everglades Fishing Charter Captain Terry Shaughnessy writes - My life as a professional fishing guide began in 1973 when I returned from doing 5 tours in Vietnam. I wanted to take one year off to fish and duck hunt before looking into the job market.

Well, you got it...no job market at that time and fishing and duck hunting became my way of life.

What a life I have had guiding fishermen and duck hunters for 32 years in Hackberry, Louisiana and the Florida Everglades (where Snook is king!)

Florida Everglades fishing and myself met in the mid 60's and now I live full-time just at the end of Everglades City on a little island called Chokoloskee. It's a quiet, little fishing village in paradise and I love my job!

Go Fish Guides Everglades Fishing Charters
Office at 104 Buckner Ave on the south end of Everglades City, Florida 34139
Mailing address is P O Box 397 ~ Chokoloskee, Florida 34138

Everglades Fishing Charter's With Go Fish Guides
 Information and Reservations
Phone Captain Terry Shaughnessy : 239-695-0687

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