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Everglades Fish - Snookt and Red FishGo Fish and Wow! 

What a great 2015 fishing season!!

December and January are the best overall fishing months.  Lots of Big Tout and Redfish and they are FUN!!  January and February are the prime time for Pompano fishing and the 2015 season is really hot.  December thru March are the months for lots of trout and redfsih action.  Some redfish,  tarpon and snook make for some reel fun!  Last February brought in a big time pompano run, the best in years!  Redfish plentiful.   You know I was pumped!  May and June were the months for Big, Really Big Tarpon.  160 lbs to 190 lbs of Tarpon...believe me that's big!  1 1/2 to 3 hours of fighting action to land these monsters.  Snook action heating up, lots of Trout.  A great month for variety.  May always ups the numbers...loads of Trout, Reds, Tarpon, Triple Tail, but only one fish rules - SNOOK!.   Why?  Let me explain.  Everyday in April there is tremendous fishing pressure on the Snook.  They get smart in a hurry, plus you've only got about 20% of them around.  But now that we're in MAY, with the Snook season closed for spawning females, the action is going to be IMPRESSIVE.  They're BIG, FAT, and there are a LOT MORE OF THEM.  Folks, MAY and JUNE are absolutely the best months of the year for TOP WATER ACTION!  Size and numbers can get downright scary!  Big Trout, Loads of Tarpon and my favorite, big tackle busting, heart pounding, dream making SNOOK!  If you love TOP WATER ACTION book NOW through JUNE, you won't be disappointed.  If I'm booked on the days you want to fish I can line up a great guide for you, just call me.  (239) 695-0687  Captain Terry Shaughnessy

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